Motorized Bicycle Laws in the U.S.

gavelIn the United States, motorized bicycle laws and requirements vary from state-to-state. Trying to figure out the motorized bicycle laws where you live can be confusing and frustrating. The official laws posted by the state governments are difficult to understand and hard to find. And to make matters even worse, they don’t post the laws for different states in one central location. Luckily for you, we have interpreted the laws for all of the states and listed them here compiled into a single clickable map, so that they are convenient and easy to understand!

Locate your state on the map below to learn about motorized bicycle laws in your state, and feel free to leave a comment for other readers or in case you have any questions.

Please note: We are privately owned and operated. We are not an authority on the laws. It’s always best to check with your local authorities to be sure.

Please select your state below to learn about the laws in your area:

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