Motorized Bicycle Laws in Maine

Motorized Bicycles in Maine

Generic Court GavelIn Maine, motorized bikes are a great way to get around high traffic areas without having to worry about the congested streets. Not only that, but they save money, help the environment and are fun to drive.

You still need to be sure to follow the laws, and understand what category your motorized bike falls into, as the laws are different for the different classifications of bikes.

However, there are some common laws that apply to all motorized bikes:

  • You cannot drive on interstate highways.
  • You cannot ride where bicycles are prohibited.

It is also strongly encouraged that you wear a helmet whenever you ride, but it is not a requirement.

Motorized Bicycles

In Maine, motorized bicycles and e-bikes are defined as bicycles that:

  • Have an attached motor that produces no more than 1.5 brake horsepower.
  • Cannot go more than 25 mph on level ground while using the motor alone.
  • May or may not have foot pedals.

You will need a driver’s license, moped license or motorcycle license in order to ride your motorized bicycle on public roads. Unlike mopeds, you are not required to register motorized bikes.

You must always drive on the right side of the road, except when making a left turn, and you cannot carry more passengers than the bike is designed to carry (no doubling up on a single seat.) You can also ride on paved shoulders.


In Maine, for a vehicle to be considered a moped, it must:

  • Have 2 or 3 wheels that are at least 10 inches in diameter.
  • Have a motor that is no bigger than 50 cc (if gas powered), or 1,500 watts (if electric).
  • Have an automatic transmission (that does not require manual shifting of gears).
  • Be unable to go more than 30 mph on a flat surface.
  • Produce less than 2 brake horsepower.

Mopeds can also have foot pedals that are designed to assist with propulsion, but they are not required.

To drive a moped in Maine, you must be at least 16 years old and have a valid Maine driver’s license. Alternatively, you can also get a moped license if you do not have a driver’s license.

You must register your moped with the state of Maine before it can be driven on public roads, which has a small fee of $9.

When riding a moped, you must obey all regular traffic laws, in addition to the following:

  • You must always drive on the farthest right side of the road, except when making a left turn.
  • You cannot carry additional passengers unless the moped is designed to carry them.

Getting a Moped License

As mentioned above, if you don’t have a driver’s license then you may opt to get a moped license instead. In order to get your license, you will need to pass a written exam.

If you are at least 16 years old and you do not already have a license, then you may get a learner’s permit instead. It will require a road test and you will need a parent or guardian to co-sign the application for you, and you need a valid proof of identification. The learners permit lasts for 2 years, and has a fee of $10.

In order to register by mail, you will need to mail the completed application, a copy of your ID, and a check to cover the cost of the fee and made payable to the Secretary of State to the following address:

Secretary of State
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Examination Section
29 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

Once received, you should get a response indicating the time of your exam.


Similar to mopeds, you will need a valid Maine driver’s license of any class to drive a scooter. However, unlike mopeds, scooters do not need to be registered.

In Maine, in order for a bike to be considered a scooter, it must:

  • Have 2 or 3 wheels at least 10 inches in diameter
  • Have a motor that is no bigger than 25 cc (if gas powered), or 750 watts (if electric).
  • Be unable to go more than 25 mph on level ground.

As with mopeds when riding a scooter you must always right on the right side of the road, except when making a left-hand turn, and you cannot have any other passengers unless the scooter is designed to carry them (no double riding on the same seat).

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