Riding During Winter

Winter Riding with Motorized Bicycles

Winter Cycling

Winter is not a very good friend of the motorized bicycle movement. The ground is icy, the air is cold and everything else just works against you. However, with the right information, you could still have a great ride on your e-bike during the winter.


The batteries in your bike are usually the first casualty when it comes to riding in the winter. The lower the temperature, the less effective the batteries. Try as much as possible to store your bike in the warm part of your garage when you’re charging it. When you get to your destination, look for a warm place to store your bike. If you can’t find one, it is better to remove the battery and take it in with you than to leave it in the cold.


Most motorized bicycles are designed without the harsh winter condition in mind. To ensure a smooth and safe ride during the winter, you might need to change the tires of your bike. You could get for yourself some marathon winter tires or fat tires meant to withstand the snow. The 2WD tires are also recommended if you want to turn your bike into a snow machine. If changing tires is not an option for you, you might consider installing “zip ties” to your tires.

Get rid of the salt

Snow contains salt that is not a very good friend of your bike, especially if it contains aluminum parts. This is why you need to keep your bike away from snow as much as possible. You’ll also want to clean the bike more often, especially if you noticed any form of white powdery substance.

Riding safe

Dress warm, avoid riding on ice and don’t over-speed. Always charge your batteries inside a warm place and look out of debris while you ride. fender are great, lower the seat and consider extra water-proofing for the battery area. Try riding with friends or other enthusiasts if you have the privilege. It is much safer. Enjoy your ride.