Why Motorized Bikes?

There’s A Motorized Bicycle Movement Happening!

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It’s well known that motorized bicycles are both good for the environment and for your wallet. But let’s be completely honest – bikes that are using gas powered motors have actually been found to produce “dirty” smog when compared to their bigger car counterparts. This is due to the lack of emission control systems on the bikes, which is mostly because the amount of space required to install them.

However, even if you go with a gas powered bike, your carbon footprint will be well below what is produced by even the smallest of cars, so you are contributing a lot less to global warming. This is because motorized bikes burn far less gas, and can get up to 100 mpg or more, so the CO2 emissions (greenhouse gases) are hardly even comparable to that of a car. Still, it is true that the exhaust is dirty, so you probably don’t want to run it in your garage.

The best benefits come from electric motors.

With an electric motor, your bike will literally have zero emissions while riding. Probably the most popular choice is a human-electric hybrid bike (also known as a “pedelec”.) Even when considering the pollution that is created to generate the energy to charge your eletric motor, electric bikes create only about 1/10 the pollution as what would be created by driving a car the same distance. This number is reduced even further by pedaling with a hybrid electric bike.

If you would like to ride your bike more but find yourself choosing your car, consider getting a DIY electric bike kit. By installing a rechargeable electric motor to an old bike, you can pedal along like normal and simply twist the handlebar for motorized assistance when you need it (like going uphill.)

The truth is, the majority of the trips that Americans make tend to be within a few miles of their homes – to the grocery store, the post office, the library or even to work. By taking these trips with a bicycle or motorized bike, not only are you saving money and helping the environment, but there’s also a lot of health benefits for you! As an added bonus to regular bicycles, motorized bikes also allow you to travel with less physical excursion, which is ideal if you are going somewhere that you have to care about your appearance such as work.

Bicycling has a lot of health benefits.

There are many health benefits from regular bicycle riding, both physical and mental. By making one simple change in your lifestyle – such as bicycling to work – suddenly you can get the recommended daily exercise to stay healthy. Cycling builds strength in both your arms and your legs, increases muscle tone, builds stamina, improves cardiovascular fitness, burns calories, improves coordination, reduces stress, promotes youthfulness, and the list goes on!

With a hybrid motorized bike, you also vastly increase the distance you can ride, speed up your travel, carry more weight, help yourself up tough hills and open up more possibilities for regular bike riding.

There are hidden economic benefits.

When thinking about the money you can save by getting a motorized bike, most of us tend to stop at the gas prices. While that does add up to a lot of savings over time, there’s a lot of other ways biking can save you money as well.

In addition to saving on gas, a motorized bike can actually replace your second car. This not only saves a ton on the initial price of the car (usually tens of thousands of dollars), but also a lot more money over time when taking into consideration the registration, parking, and insurance costs. Additionally, with bicycling and staying healthy, you get the added benefit of saving money in health care expenses.

There are even more benefits.

  • As we mentioned earlier, regular bicycle riding also promotes good mental health.
  • It allows you to get the sunlight required to have a healthy amount of vitamin D.
  • It allows you to go places that you normally wouldn’t have access to.
  • You will probably find that there is a motorized bike community somewhere nearby.
  • It promotes overall happiness.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in on the motorized bicycle movement now and start having a better life today! We will help you understand the laws and requirements for your state. We also review motorized bicycles for sale, DIY motorized bicycle conversion kits, bicycle accessories and more!

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