How to Securely Lock Your Bike

How to Lock Your Bike the Secure Way

How To Lock Your Bike

Don’t wind up with a stolen bike!

One of the biggest concerns for people who use motorized bikes, or are considering buying one, is how to prevent thievery. Since motorized bicycles are even more valuable than standard bicycles, knowing how to secure your bike is even more important!

Fortunately for you, there are some simple precautions that you can take to keep your bike secure while you are out and about, and we’re here to help.

Follow the tips below to help keep your investment safe!

1.  Always Lock Your Bike in a Public Location

It’s a good idea to lock your bike where other people are around to see it. When your bike is less visible it gives thieves more opportunity to act without being noticed.

Sometimes visibility alone can be the difference between getting your bike stolen or having it still be there when you come back.

2.  Only Mount Your Bike to a Sturdy Foundation

Bicycle racks, street signs or other tall poles are good choices.

You don’t want to attach your bike to anything that can be broken or moved, so try to shake it yourself to make sure it’s sturdy. Also, make sure you can’t simply lift your bike lock up over a the top of the pole or whatever you are securing it to.

3.  Use More Than One Lock

Each lock adds an extra layer of security, and takes a lot more time to get through. Given enough time any lock can be broken, so it’s important to add as much time to the process as you can.

A good method is to first lock your bike with a D lock that goes through the bike frame and the back wheel, and then add a cable intertwined between the D lock, the front wheel and frame. This way, the thief would have to remove both locks to get your away with your bike, and both of your wheels are secured with at least one lock.

4.  Take Your Accessories With You

When you leave your bike, always take things like water bottles, snap-on lights or anything else that can easily be removed.

Some bikes even come with quick release levers for the bicycle seats and wheels, so check to see if your bike has any. If they do, make sure they are secured every time you leave your bike.

5.  Make Your Bike Identifiable

In the event that your bike does get stolen, one last precaution is to be able to legally identify your bike.

First, mark your bike with a permanent marker somewhere (or something else that won’t come off.)

Next, take a picture of yourself next to your bike holding up a piece of paper that has your serial number written on it. This will provide enough evidence to make sure that you always get your bike back if it’s ever found after being stolen.

Securing Your Electric Bike

What about electric bikes? They have valuable batteries and motors that we also have to take into consideration.

Fortunately, most e-bikes come with a key lock that bolts the battery onto the bike frame, which can also be used to remove the battery when you charge it.

Additionally, a lot of e-bike manufacturers bolt the wheels to the bike frame rather than using quick release levers. This will be a big enough deterrent to stop some thieves from stealing your wheels, but it’s still a good idea to secure them with a lock if you’re going to be leaving your bike alone for a while.

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