Motorized Bicycle Laws in Idaho

Motorized Bicycles in Idaho

Generic Court GavelThere are many benefits to be had by using a motorized bicycle as your primary (or secondary) method of transportation. With rising gas prices, environmental concerns and a suffering economy, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing them over other options.

Electric Bicycles

The State of Idaho doesn’t have any laws in place for e-bikes, so we’ll have to refer to federal laws.

According to federal law, an e-bike is defined as a bike that has a motor no bigger than 750 W, and has a top speed of 20 MPH or less. You don’t need a driver’s license to ride an e-bike.


In Idaho, if your motorized bike falls into the category of a moped and not a motorcycle, then you do not need a motorcycle license – just a valid driver’s license.

In order for a motorbike to be considered a moped, it must:

  • Have peddles to assist with propulsion.
  • Have a top speed of 30 mph on a flat surface.
  • Have no more than 3 wheels (and no less than 2.)
  • Have an engine that is no bigger than 50 cc (if gas powered), and no more than 2-brake hp (if electric.)
  • Have an automatic transmission.

Fortunately, the ITD (Idaho Transportation Department) also has an easy to follow flowchart to also assist in determining how your motorized bike is categorized.


If you do have a moped, then it must be registered and titled. Registering and titling your moped is handled the same way as it is for motorcycles in Idaho; you’ll need to visit your local County Assessor’s Office.

If your moped will never be used on public roads, then you can apply for an “off-highway” sticker.


If your motorbike does not fit the above criterea (by exceeding the specifications), then a motorcycle endorsment is in order.

You also still need to register your scooter at a local Count Assessor’s Office, and can still apply for an “off-highway” sticker if it won’t be used on public roads (typically this is only used for dirt bikes.)

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