Motorized Bicycle Laws in Colorado

Motorized Bicycles in Colorado

Generic Court GavelThere are many benefits to be had by using a motorized bicycle as your primary (or secondary) method of transportation. With rising gas prices, environmental concerns and a suffering economy, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing them over other options.

Like most states, Colorado distinguishes between motorized bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles based on their engine size.

While there are federal laws for e-bikes, Colorado also has it’s own laws.

Electric Bicycles

For a bike to be clasified as an electric bicycle, it must:

  • Have an motor that is no bigger than 750 watts.
  • Be unable to go more than 20 MPH on level ground.

Unlike motor-driven cycles (or mopeds), Colorado does not require you to have a drivers license to ride an e-bike.


In order for a vehicle to be considered a moped in Colorado it must have an engine size of 50 CC or less, or 4,476 watts for electrical motors.

The majority of scooters will also fall into this category. Although, if you are not careful your vehicle may cross the line and might actually be considered a motorcycle, which has different requirements.

Moped Requirements

In order to drive a moped or scooter, you must have a valid drivers license. You must also need to register your motor-assisted cycle.

Luckily, registration procedure is relatively simple. All you will need is the following:

  • A completed and signed Low-Powered Scooter Registration Application (form DR 2701).
  • A proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale, affidavit of ownership, or MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin).
  • Some proof of insurance.
  • A one-time payment of $5.85.

You will need to either mail in all of the required materials, or take them to an authorized moped dealer in your area.

To register by mail, send all of the required materials to the following address:

Colorado Department of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Registration
Denver, CO 80261

You must carry a proof of insurance at all times when riding a motor-assisted cycle in Colorado.

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